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side by side mounting side by side close up

Dual Camera Mounting Option: IGO Indiemount in side by side dual configuration with a single HDSLR and DSLR camera. This is an optionional configuration for simultaneous stills & video capture. $15,675.00USD as shown with new gyro kits, and dual camera mounting kit, excluding cameras, includes transport case. $7,675.00USD without gyro kits.

Multi Dimensional Axis Mount: The IGO Indiemount is a multi dimensional axis mount capable of movement beyond the typical 3 axis, pitch-roll-yaw.

Precise Nimble Gimbal:The heart of the IGO Indiemount is a true precision machined gimbal unit comprised of 6 sealed precision bearings. These sealed bearings allow for effortless, extremely smooth movement about the 4 axis, pitch, yaw, roll, & "twist". It is the "twist axis" which gives the precision gimbal unit superior vibration resistance. This superior gimbal unit currently incorporates KS-8 type Kenyon gyros. Via the gyro manufacturer's recommendations it is suspended by elastic cord allowing the gyros to operate freely providing rigidity in space while eliminating operator fatigue otherwise caused by having to hand hold the heavy gyros for a sustained period.

Cameras: The IGO Indiemount accepts a multitude of camera choices from pro video cameras, camcorders, HDSLR's, whatever the project requires or that is preferred can be used. The DSLR HD video revolution has enabled many the artistic freedom to convey infinite imagination. For example, the Canon EOS 5D MkII DSLR w/1080p HD was used for all the HD aerial video samples on this site. This camera, among other makes, allows for wildly vivid capture, detail that you can almost reach out and touch! The multitude of lenses available provide for virtually limitless artistic freedom.

Custom Options: The IGO Indiemount can be outfitted completely with accessories or can be purchased mount only with the customer adding accessories. We are flexible and will be happy to tailor the IGO Indiemount system to your needs. Contact us via phone at 262.441.9001 or via e-mail at info@igomount.com.

IGO Indiemount - "The Mount With The Nimble Gimbal"

side by side mounting

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